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Soundproof sponge

Soundproof sponge

Sound insulating sponge

It is a material based in its ingredients and resistance. These barriers form a shape of sound blocker. These sounds are installed in the vicinity, as they act as a sound dispersion through the sound path with a spongy surface in the sound path and disperse them, as the echo processing and diagnosis when viewing reduces the sound and clarity. It helps to get the best quality in-room sound in large spaces.

Sound insulation sponge is used in order to obtain high sound quality and in order to maintain a uniform distribution of sound throughout the space it is used in. It is also used to eliminate echo and back waves that cause interference and distortion in the sound. It is characterized by a high ability to absorb and disperse sound frequencies, reduce their reflections, prevent the noise emanating from the echo and the effect of its reflection on the surfaces, thus improving the sound and purity of the sounds produced. The insulating sponge is made with pressure bearing capacity and thickness according to the applicable international standards for sound insulators

These materials are of high importance in

Recording Studios

And radio / TV channels

For owners of YouTube and online channels

Music rooms and playing musical instruments

Halls occasions and weddings

Games rooms

Meeting rooms, classrooms, sports halls, etc. / as used in developed countries around highways in order to prevent the transmission of car and train noise to neighboring buildings, whether they are hotels, residential towers or otherwise


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