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Who are we


 Our beginning was at 1970, Bibars foam was established by AL HAJ Ahmad Osama Bibars at  the heart of Irbid city. Family members had essential role upgrading the business and making the Company grow, they did a not spare any efforts to build the foundation of what we have  today, 1970 the company was one of the biggest foam distributor in the north provinces of jordan


At 1980 market was growing and Bibars company products was distributing all over Jordan and some other areas like Kingdom of Saudi Arabia , the second generation of the company was represented by Al haj Ahmad Osama Bibars Sons, they start planning and researching the economic feasibility to start manufacturing line to Produce foam and foam products moreover deliver the end products directly to the customers


with business growing at 1990 the management officials of Bibars foam decided to build the first factory at Al Hassan Industrial City the factory equipped with advanced machine and high level raw materials, Bibars foam products and sales representative  spread all over the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, also the increase of product demand was noticed in Jordan and other Arab league, so the management took another look into the future and start planning to increase the production capacity 


A new factory was established at the year 2000 , the factory was built on 19000 Square meters land and equipped with the latest and best industrial technology with the top human experience and knowledge of foam industry field. Bibars foam was successful to provide the best product quality, At the start of the second millennium Bibars foam was one of the best industrial manufacturer at Jordan and west Asia region


  AT 2010 Bibars foam had quality certification ISO 9001:2008 and setup an international management system using local and foreign consulting companies


Tow large production facilities was added to the existing building to produce coil spring and therapeutic mattress.Also a large distribution center was built in Irbid downtown area to facilities and save time and effort for our customers in the northern areas

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