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Arabic Magles size customazation 

 Bibars Foam And Mattress Mfg always searching for new methods to serve and help the customers, Bibars Foam And Mattress Mfg provide a service to customize an Arabic Magles (flower seats) depending to your room size to fit well, please add all the required information below and we will contact you as soon as possible to provide a list of prices and options





Wall 1

Wall 2

Wall 3



An example how u should upload your room size using the button below 

Arm Rest Specifications

Foam Density 

Arm Rest width

Arm Rest thickness

Back Cushion Specifications

Foam Density 

Back Cushion width

Back Cushion width

Gnabe Specifications(seats)

Foam Density 

Gnabe width

Gnabe Thickness

upload room size photo

 تم تثبيت المعلومات بنجاح سيتم التواصل معكم باقرب وقت 

لم يتم تقثبيت المعلومات بشكل صحيح يرجى اعادة الطلب

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